19 12 2009

Making new friends and having fun what you like to do?




24 11 2009

Congratulations to the following winners who came in third in the

DMIT Gamers Meet 3 2009!

Team Leader: Ong Xuan Jing, DBA/FT/2B/02

Goh Wee Liang, DBA/FT/2B/02

Wong Cheng Yong, DBF/FT/2B/04

Muhammad Hafiz Bin Amran, DBA/FT/2B/14

Wu Zhi Xiong Ken, DBA/FT/2B/06

Jonathan Toh Tian Feng, DBA/FT/2B/02

All of you have made SB proud!

Aloha people!

16 10 2009

Ello peeps!

Hope you guys had a great holiday.Even though its back to school with all the mundane lessons and tests, we’ve still got fun activities lined up!First up is food implosion.For those of you who have no idea what that is,its basically a uber fun food competition with various categories ,people puking and stuff like that.You might wanna take a look at some of the pictures which are on the SB club’s facebook.So keep tune-ing into SB club’s blog for more updates!

Peace out!


Attention MAD CAMP Facilitators & Campers!

30 09 2009

Indemnity formAttention MAD CAMP Facilitators & Campers!

Please print and complete the indemnity form and hand it up on the 2nd of Oct, Friday.

Please be reminded that all facilitators are to report at 9am at MLT 12 on 2nd of Oct, Friday.

Similarly, please be reminded that all Campers are to report at 12 noon at MLT 12 on 2nd of Oct, Friday.

Lastly, the packing list will include:

  1. 4 sets of clothes (including 2 sets of dark coloured clothes for wet activities)
  2. Toiletries
  3. Towel
  4. Shoes and slippers
  5. Sleeping bag
  6. Jacket (optional)
  7. Money (minimum of $10)
  8. EZ -link card (minimum of $10)
  9. Personal medication
  10. Water Bottle
  11. Small pouch (optional)
  12. A Pen


Thank You!


5 08 2009


SB is holding their annual Talentime! With categories such as English and Chinese Solo. Do come down to support your friends during the preliminary and semi-finals of Talentime which will be held near foodcourt 5 on the 5th and 7th from 12-2pm!

Finals will be held at the auditorium on the 11th August at 6pm. Tickets are on sale for finals of Talentime at $1 each! Buffet dinner will be provided, CCA points will be awarded! Purchases of tickets can be done at the SB Club booth (Don’t know where is that? watch out for the SB Club flag!) on 6th August. Our ticket selling booth will also be opened outside food court 5 on 5th and 7th August. See you there! 😀

Annual General Meeting 09/10

16 06 2009

Hey guys ! There will be an Annual General Meeting coming up on the 7th July .The venue will be in MLT 8 at 5.30pm .  There will be door gifts as well as  cca points ! Refreshments will also be provided .

For more information ,pls contact Kareen at 81332068

SB Club

14 06 2009

Hey ! Welcome to SB club’s blog 🙂 We will update you with events happening in School of Business , so watch out for that !